Slush boots. Super tough made in the USA

DDD is an authorized dealer for alerttile systems and related products. We stock cast in place - surface mount ADA panels.

Carbide cutting tools and mag drills.

Shovels, Sticking Tools, Hammers and more.

Cable Cutters, Wrenches, Hand Tools and Other Tools

Shovels, Sticking Tools, Hammers and more.

Electric Tools: Chipping and Hammer Drills; Carbide Bits, Accessories

Gloves, Boots and Rainwear for the Construction Industry

Fall Protection and Climbing Protection Gear.

Diamond Grinding and Polishing Equipment

We stock drill steel for all air Tools; Electric Hammers and more. Integral Drill Steel, Whirley Bits and Pavement Breakers. We make air hose to fit your tools.

DDD is an authorized Repair Center for Champion Chisel tools.

Innovative Cutting Tool Solutions.

We stock a complete line of CP tools to include: Pavement Breakers, Rivet Busters, Hammers, Scabbers, Rock Drills, Air Hoses, drill steel and Fittings. We will make custom air hoses to fit your tools.

DDD is an Authorized Repair Center for Chicago Pneumatic tools.

We carry Columbus McKinnon Specialty Hardware Items: Little Mule, CM, Strap Hoist, Grips, Chain Hoist, Tongs and Lifting & Hoist Products.

DDD stocks 14" cut off air saws, reciprocating saws, pipe saws and clamps.

DDD is an Authorized Repair Center for CS Unitec tools.

We carry a full line of Diamond Products Saw Blades, Bits and cutting and coring equipment. DDD is an Authorized Repair Center for Diamond Products equipment.

Diamond saw Blades and Core Bits.

Diamond Saw Blades and Bits.

Gas, Kerosone and Diesel Cans.

We carry Edco Diamond Grinders, Scarifiers and Scabbers.

DDD is an Authorized Repair Center for Edco.

Safety tools for the utility industry: Aerial Blankets, Hooks, Straps, Etc.

We stock high speed abrasives blades, 12" thru 16", for concrete, ductile and metal iron. we also carry grinding wheels ranging in 4" thru 9" sizes for concrete and metal.

Standby Power Generators

Aerial Cable Construction and Tools, Cable Pulling Harnesses and more.

Hydraulic Cable Cutters, Crimpers and Tampers.

Impact and Specialty Socket Sets.

DDD carries SuperBeast line of utility instruments.

We carry Honda Engines and Generators.

Manual Hydraulic and Battery Powered Cutting and Compression Tools

Diamond Blades, Core Bits and Cutting and Coring Equipment.

Diamond Chain Saws.

Dustless Masonry Saw.

Marking and Measuring Tools

A leading manufacturer of professional hand tools and occupational protective equipment, Klein Tools' product line has grown to include virtually every major type of hand tool used in the electrical and telecommunications markets, as well as for aviation, construction, electronics, mining and general industry. Since 1857, Klein Tools has been uniquely committed to providing only the finest professional-grade equipment.

Concrete Tools.

Electric Power Tools and Chain Saws

Compaction and Concrete Construction Equipment and Vibratory Plates.

Electric Power Tools, Cordless Power Tools, Carbide Bits, Abrasive Blades 4" & 6" Slicer Blades and Angle Grinders.

Complete line of air tools to include: Pavement Breakers, Rock Drills, Rivet Busters and Scabbers.

Electric Power Tools, Cordless Power Tools, Sawzall Blades and Hole Saws.

Masonry and Tile Saws.

Carbide Hole Saws and Metal Cutting Blades.

Generators, Submersible and Trash Pumps. Light Towers and Concrete Buggies.

Gas Operated Concrete Vibrators.

DDD stocks Occumomix Safety Vests and Apparel.

Concrete Washouts..

Concrete Vibrators: Gas and Electric.

The Peavey Manufacturing Company has for over 155 years met the special needs of the industry with quality tools, handles and dowels. We have the capability to make long, shaped handles to fit each individual need; for instance, our shaped Pick Pole handles assure the most positive grip available.

Eye and Hand Protection.

We are an authorized dealer for Powers Fasteners and carry a full complement of concrete fasteners and carbide drill bits.

Eye Protection.

We stock air pipe saws, hinge cutters, blades and chain wrenches. We repair the SAW-IT pneumatic Reciprocating Saw.

Hydraulic pumps and tools

Rebar Cutters and Reamers.

DDD is a distributor for Flame Resistant Safety Apparel and Gloves.

Salisbury by Honeywell has been setting industry standards since 1855. For over 150 years, Salisbury by Honeywell has been the name an entire industry trusts to provide the finest safety products available.

Marking Paint..

Carbide Drill Bits, Fasteners, Epoxy and Crack Injection.

Air Hand Tools.

DDD is oldest Stihl stocking site and repair center in Michigan. We carry:


    • Chain saws

    • Blowers

    • Line Trimmers

    • Hand Tools

  • Concrete Cutoff Saws and Equipment

Needs part? DDD stocks over 8,000 Stihl parts and components. And we are an authorized repair center.

Our DDD site stocks over 20,000 Stihl parts.


 LED Flashlights.

Surefire is the leading manufacturer of rugged, powerful and compact illumination tools for tactical applications - from weapon-mounted lights and laser sights, shield lights and baton lights to hand-held lights powerful and bright enough to qualify as "force-option" tools that could temporarily blind, unbalance, and disorient a threat.

Drill Steel.

Power Tools and Equipment

Traffic signs.

Over Fppt and Over Shoe Protective Products

Shovels and Striking Tools

Generators. Submersible, Trash and Centrifugal Pumps.

Extension Cords and Lighting.

Offers a Wide Range of Safety Equipment

Unbreakable Striking Tools

Elite Eye Protection.

Protective Gloves.

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